Extra Special Games

We have two extra special games that can either be played in our cafe or in our private room. With each you have up to one hour to complete a series of puzzles to succeed in your mission. For pricing and availability of these games please contact us.

“Coming Home” is a Game Chest where you, just like in an escape room, need to solve a series of difficult riddles and puzzles to complete the challenge. In this case, however, it is rather about breaking into the box than out of a room. 

One day, an unexpected package arrives at your doorstep, addressed to a beloved relative you inherited the house from. Clearly, this mysterious chest contains something that was very important to your late relative, so you have gathered your smartest friends to help you solve the riddles on the box in order to open it and reveal its secrets! But can you do it before the battery runs out and the secret is lost forever?

“Final Exam” is a portable escape room that can be easily set up at any location. As budding secret agents, your final challenge set by Mr Fox requires you to use your wits and keep your cool as the timer ticks away on a briefcase bomb!

Your studies have gone well at Mr. Fox’s School of Secret Agents, you’ve passed all of the written work. Unfortunately, it is time for the practical portion of your testing, so all that remains is to live through the Final Exam.