Every Wednesday and Thursday we have open board game nights. Although the event begins at 17:00 the café is open from 08:00 so you are welcome to come earlier, if you like. 

Come solo & make new friends or bring along some buddies. We have a growing selection of board games available to play for free & you are welcome to bring your own.

Whilst there is currently no fee for the event, we would appreciate if you would support the café by purchasing food or drinks and please be respectful; do not bring your own food or drink. This is not something we take kindly to!

Please note: we do not currently accept table reservations on board game nights. 


Want to see what games we currently have? You can see a full list of our games here.

Want to play board games outside of our organised events?

During the café opening hours we welcome people to come and play games at any time. Reservations and drop-ins are both accepted.

There is currently no fee for customers of the café. There is no minimum purchase amount, we only ask each member of the group to make a small purchase to help support the café so we can refresh worn games and grow our inventory. 

Large groups or big games: we know that some games need a bit more space than our 4-seater tables in the café can handle. And some of these games need many hours to complete. As much as we want to be accommodating to everyone these types of games are not always best suited to the café, particularly during busier times/days. If you have plans for something bigger please get in touch to see if our private room is available.

Want to buy games?

We buy our games almost exclusively from Dragon’s Lair, so if you play something you like you are almost guaranteed to be able to purchase the same game thorough them. They are conveniently located just up the road from us (about a 15 minute walk or 1 stop on the t-bana), they have a second location on Kungsholmen and they have a webshop too!

Address: Sveavägen 118, Stockholm / Kungsholmstorg 8, Stockholm
Dragon’s Lair Website